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by Laura Parker Roerden

1. I woke up this morning with the phrase, “something uplifting” in my mind, then saw that among the snowfall out my window many snowflakes were rising up on unseen currents.

2. I’m sure a mathematician could help us understand the exact preponderance that falls at a predictable speed to their place on the ground.

3. And a scientist, God bless, could scan our brains to see the landscape of light that begins the chain of chemical reactions that soothes our fraught hearts.

4. If the scientist and mathematician were together drinking wine they might tumble upon fractal geometry rooted in our genetic evolution to explain this, and in days of computation arrive at formulas and the universal concepts of negative and infinite variables that hold the ideas together like gravity.

5. In all of the graceful complexity, they would simply be explaining our heart’s shape is rooted at core to the natural world.

6. That if everything expands and can be plotted on bells, the only thing keeping us from flying apart on rising and falling currents is this singular fact shrouded as mystery.

7. That even simple snow when it falls is able to call us home.

© Laura Parker Roerden 2018. All rights reserved.

(Inspired by dinner with a scientist, mathematician, musician and writer.)

Laura Parker Roerden is the founding director of Ocean Matters and the former managing editor of Educators for Social Responsibility and New Designs for Youth Development. She serves on the boards of Women Working for Oceans (W20) and Earth, Ltd. and is a member of the Pleiades Network of Women.

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