The Bluebirds are Back

And Other Good News by Laura Parker Roerden I was drinking coffee while doing chores in the dairy barn this morning when the vet, Rosario, showed up. “Thank you for coming!” I said, stepping out into the frigid air to greet her, clutching my mug to warm my hands. Rosario looked up to introduce herself, offered an outstretched hand, and hitContinue reading “The Bluebirds are Back”

Warm Eggs in My Pockets

by Laura Parker Roerden For the last several days, I have been collecting eggs for our incubator. It’s a spring task that a hardened criminal could get behind. Since only still warm eggs can be successfully hatched, my morning chore requires sorting eggs by their temperature.  It’s blustery and snowing here at the farm, soContinue reading “Warm Eggs in My Pockets”

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