A New Vision for Farms, Oceans and Youth

by Laura Parker Roerden (October 3, 2019) Last week I had the privilege to present at the Wright Locke Farm Speaker Series in Winchester, MA as part of Climate Week. After an emotional week of watching youth all over the world rise up to simply ask for a livable future, it was heartening to see soContinue reading “A New Vision for Farms, Oceans and Youth”

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs-stravagant Equinox Eggs

by Laura Parker Roerden Each spring we increase our flock with new heritage breed chicks. This year we added all-heritage breed Buff Orpingtons and Araucanas. Buff Orpingtons, as their name implies, are buff-colored hens that lay tan eggs. Araucanas come in a array of colors, my favorite is almost cerulean; they lay different shades of blueContinue reading “Eggs, Eggs, Eggs-stravagant Equinox Eggs”

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