Stitch by Loving Stitch

by Laura Parker Roerden My grandmother darned socks. A good farm wife, she knew any tear could be mended, the original wound transformed into a caesura, a brief pause held by the conductor to grab our attention, to show us meaning that hovers uncomfortably in a void. Or into a sharp, an intentional accident inContinue reading “Stitch by Loving Stitch”

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs-stravagant Equinox Eggs

by Laura Parker Roerden Each spring we increase our flock with new heritage breed chicks. This year we added all-heritage breed Buff Orpingtons and Araucanas. Buff Orpingtons, as their name implies, are buff-colored hens that lay tan eggs. Araucanas come in a array of colors, my favorite is almost cerulean; they lay different shades of blueContinue reading “Eggs, Eggs, Eggs-stravagant Equinox Eggs”

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