Farm Kids

by Laura Parker Roerden Growing up, I knew exactly one other dairy farmer in town who had a daughter my age. The other family I knew with a daughter a year younger had moved away to upstate New York before we were teens. Her father had beenĀ able to trade hisĀ 100 acre farm in Massachusetts forContinue reading “Farm Kids”

Among Large Animals

For My Big Brother David by Laura Parker Roerden (May 9, 2014) This morning I got a call from our most patient of neighbors. It was a familiar refrain: “Your cows are out,” she simply said. Before I could get off the phone this particular neighbor’s husband was already half way up the street toContinue reading “Among Large Animals”

Carrying the Water

(April 14, 2014) by Laura Parker Roerden I spent a fair amount of time in farmhouse kitchens growing up. My dad and uncle would often lend a hand to other farmers and they in turn would reciprocate here. There were the trips to help out old Miss Green and her daughter Miss Green, farmers inContinue reading “Carrying the Water”

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