Goodbye, Weasels!

by Laura Parker Roerden Most games have a buzzer that goes off, signaling its end. Victory is declared for whomever is ahead at that moment. Life is not quite like that. Though, as my good friend and comedian Dana Gould once quipped, “What hasn’t killed you, isn’t finished with you yet.” So, it’s with greatContinue reading “Goodbye, Weasels!”

Seven Random Things I’ve Learned from Weasels

by Laura Parker Roerden The news on the weasel front here at the farm is not good. Despite the heroic efforts of just about anyone who would be on my desert island list because of their superior survival skills, the weasel is winning. Killing has escalated, no doubt because winter is approaching and weasels areContinue reading “Seven Random Things I’ve Learned from Weasels”

A Farm Family

by Laura Parker Roerden We’ve had a couple challenging weeks here at the farm. A weasel has been getting into the chicken coop and biting heads off of our newly-raised heritage breed Delawares. Mornings I’ll enter the coop and cringe—another headless chicken lying on the ground, already stiff. At first, I could joke about it.Continue reading “A Farm Family”

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