Farm Camp Chronicles: 1/27/14

By Evan Maietta and Gabby Morrow It was 28 degrees here at Jo-Erl Farm today. It gets pretty cold up here on the hill. We had our full “Farm Camp” crew of eight people, which is pretty unusual since everyone’s schedules are so different. We tried to clear any debris from the lower pasture, butContinue reading “Farm Camp Chronicles: 1/27/14”

Wild, Wild Horses

by Laura Parker Roerden “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.” —the Rolling Stones When I was growing up, our farm (then a dairy) was one of three farms on our hill. The other two were horse farms. The confines of these farms held a large gang of kids, who roamed the combined 200 acres ofContinue reading “Wild, Wild Horses”

Hidden Treasures

by Laura Parker Roerden I leave magazines in our bathroom. It’s a slightly subversive act because I tend to stock the ones that my three sons wouldn’t pick up and read on their own: National Geographic, Modern Farmer, Orion, Harvard Magazine. I myself have learned some of the most amazing things about the world in theseContinue reading “Hidden Treasures”

Farm Sounds

by Laura Parker Roerden It is with us…
as a little bird hidden in the leaves 
who sings quietly and waits, and sings. 
-The Hidden Singer by Wendell Berry, farmer and poet I like poetry. I write it. I read it. I particularly like listening to it. When I was younger, I used to feel thatContinue reading “Farm Sounds”

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