A Love Letter to Baking Soda

by Mary McDonald Best Investments in Sustainability My first encounters with baking soda happened, of course, in my mother’s kitchen. Whenever my mother was getting ready to bake, it was my job to help her gather all of the ingredients. Cinnamon, cloves, sugar, vanilla, baking powder,baking soda. I had no idea what baking soda did,Continue reading “A Love Letter to Baking Soda”

Fire and Ice

By Laura Parker Roerden I hate spring. It feels freeing to admit that. When you live in a cold clime, there is too much social pressure to triumph spring’s return as if it were the 2nd coming of Jesus Himself, sliding in on a gaudy skateboard wearing a magnolia wreath and tossing chocolate coins toContinue reading “Fire and Ice”

The Quest

by Laura Parker Roerden You can find just about anything you could dream in an ocean. Tiny horses holding on by prehensile tails to flat vines that float upwards and shimmer in sunlight like cities. Red squid that fly with vampire wings and shoot out light orbs to stun predator or prey. A flat rayContinue reading “The Quest”

An Un-Poem About the Falling Snow

by Laura Parker Roerden 1. I woke up this morning with the phrase, “something uplifting” in my mind, then saw that among the snowfall out my window many snowflakes were rising up on unseen currents. 2. I’m sure a mathematician could help us understand the exact preponderance that falls at a predictable speed to theirContinue reading “An Un-Poem About the Falling Snow”

Pass the Pastured-Eggs, Please!

Best Investments in Sustainability by Laura Parker Roerden What kind of eggs should you buy? Most of us make the decision standing in the grocery aisle, the refrigerator door open scanning cartons with claims like “cage-free,” “organic,” “antibiotic free” and the ever-confusing “natural,” while we mentally calculate how much more we are spending for theContinue reading “Pass the Pastured-Eggs, Please!”

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