A New Vision for Farms, Oceans and Youth

by Laura Parker Roerden (October 3, 2019) Last week I had the privilege to present at the Wright Locke Farm Speaker Series in Winchester, MA as part of Climate Week. After an emotional week of watching youth all over the world rise up to simply ask for a livable future, it was heartening to see soContinue reading “A New Vision for Farms, Oceans and Youth”

A Barred Owl

by Laura Parker Roerden Several nights this week I have lain in bed listening to the call and response of three barred owls outlining each cardinal direction—save for the south— which is oddly missing in the chorus, as if the baritones had boarded a bus for Times Square for some dancing and Christmas lights, whileContinue reading “A Barred Owl”

A Coming Hurricane

by Laura Parker Roerden I read today that a flock of seagulls was once trapped in the eye of a hurricane. The birds had sought refuge in the false calm of fair skies, but didn’t realize they now flew through a tunnel of destruction, all ways out blocked by certain devastation. Birds that sense plummetingContinue reading “A Coming Hurricane”

Cooking With(out) Gas

Best Investments in Sustainability           by Laura Parker Roerden What if I told you that there was a cheaper, faster, healthier, safer, less energy intensive, cleaner, and lower carbon footprint way to cook than using an electric or gas stovetop and range? You’d wonder why you never heard of it before,Continue reading “Cooking With(out) Gas”

The Quest

by Laura Parker Roerden You can find just about anything you could dream in an ocean. Tiny horses holding on by prehensile tails to flat vines that float upwards and shimmer in sunlight like cities. Red squid that fly with vampire wings and shoot out light orbs to stun predator or prey. A flat rayContinue reading “The Quest”

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