Safe Passage: Thoughts About #Fall

by Laura Parker Roerden (October 17, 2011) I feel held by the fall. This thought comes to me during my morning run along the River Bend towpath, in the lee of the Voss farm, one of the six other dairy farmers in Uxbridge while I was growing up. The Voss farm is no longer aContinue reading “Safe Passage: Thoughts About #Fall”

The Five Very Best Tips for Preserving Tomatoes

by Laura Parker Roerden My first experiments with preserving tomatoes involved burnt fingers, cuts, and a bloody looking mess of tomato waste everywhere that reminded me of that classic Julia Child SNL skit. Fortunately, canning does not have to be a horror show. Over time and with the help of my fellow canner and friendContinue reading “The Five Very Best Tips for Preserving Tomatoes”

The Swallows in Flight

by Laura Parker Roerden I. Every night now the swallows fall and rise together over the hayfield, slicing the sky as if skinning it open to feed on insects. I can imagine DaVinci must have seen them. His drawings of flying machines spoke of curved elegance; of momentum that turns planes of existence upside, down.Continue reading “The Swallows in Flight”

The Birches

For Lara and all the Garden Moms by Laura Parker Roerden (August 28, 2015) This summer was a long march of loss. Three parents of the kids we grew up with in the neighborhood of the farm died, one after another, as if the branch they were hanging from no longer could sustain them. Each was in theirContinue reading “The Birches”

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