A Peacock’s Day Out

by Laura Parker Roerden (May 27, 2016) The phrase “and mayhem ensued” turns out to have real application when you have animals. Recently, in a fit of cleanliness, I asked our handyman Keith to help spring clean the barn. He tidied up in general, but because he’s no slouch, he decided to surprise me by washing theContinue reading “A Peacock’s Day Out”

A New Vision for Farms, Oceans and Youth

by Laura Parker Roerden (October 3, 2019) Last week I had the privilege to present at the Wright Locke Farm Speaker Series in Winchester, MA as part of Climate Week. After an emotional week of watching youth all over the world rise up to simply ask for a livable future, it was heartening to see soContinue reading “A New Vision for Farms, Oceans and Youth”

Lessons of the Wild

by Laura Parker Roerden Click the image to view this previously published article, “Lessons of the Wild” in Schools with Spirit by Beacon Press. lessons_of_the_wild   Laura Parker Roerden is the founding director of Ocean Matters and the former managing editor of Educators for Social Responsibility and New Designs for Youth Development. She serves on the boards of Women WorkingContinue reading “Lessons of the Wild”

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