They’re Here!

by Laura Parker Roerden (Sept. 26, 2015) Last night we drove west into a setting sun through rolling pasture-land to pick up our lambs in Scotland. Connecticut, that is. Just take a left at the Cliffs of Dover, I expected the GPS to instruct. The beautiful sheep farms and UK-influenced place names everywhere helped to create a sense of removalContinue reading “They’re Here!”

For the Love of Work

by Laura Parker Roerden Work is love made visible. – Kahil Gibran   My father chose to be a farmer. By doing so, he was following in his own father’s footsteps and making good use of 62-acres of established farmland. But it was what some might call a cynical decision. You see, my dad hadContinue reading “For the Love of Work”

Stranger Things

November 22, 2013 By Laura Parker Roerden I look up and silhouetted in the dusky light is someone wearing a stripped rugby style scarf and a hooded black robe. He is carrying a white bird. I am making supper in the farmhouse, the sounds of sizzling competing with thwaps of driving rain hitting the hardContinue reading “Stranger Things”

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