4 Reasons it’s High Season to Buy an Electric Vehicle (EV)

by Laura Parker Roerden Best Investments in Sustainability Last Memorial Day our family finally replaced our 15-year old premium-gas guzzling car. You could say that it was high time! But it was also an opportunity to think out of the box about our transportation needs and the challenges facing our planet. We bought an electricContinue reading “4 Reasons it’s High Season to Buy an Electric Vehicle (EV)”

Wrappin’ It Up

Best Investments in Sustainability by Maria Dee We don’t wrap Christmas presents. To tell you that this started as an earth-friendly initiative would be a lie. During the Christmas season of  2010, I had a 9-year old, a 4-year old, and an 11-month old. My husband and I had a Christmas Eve routine that workedContinue reading “Wrappin’ It Up”

Beeswax Food Cloth

Best Investments in Sustainability by Guest Blogger Bonnie Combs “Plastic is Drastic,” said a local fourth-grader working on a poster to promote plastic bag recycling at her school. Along with startling images of sea turtles negatively impacted by plastic pollution and plastic bags caught in tree branches blowing in the wind, those words could notContinue reading “Beeswax Food Cloth”

Carrying the Moon

by Laura Parker Roerden Seven bluebirds live on the edge of our hayfield. Their flight has helped me understand the loss of my father and brother, two generations of farmers who died as dominoes go down; one right after the other. On the end of the field, where a barren lawn meets boughs of wildContinue reading “Carrying the Moon”

Cloth Everyday

by Guest Blogger Sarah Harrison Roy of Running Girl Eats Best Investments in Sustainability Cloth napkins: why even bother to write about something so ordinary? Well, to me there’s nothing ordinary about cloth napkins. To me, they are gorgeous works of art that lighten up and decorate the kitchen table. To me, they are anContinue reading “Cloth Everyday”

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