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by Guest Blogger Sarah Harrison Roy of Running Girl Eats

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Cloth napkins: why even bother to write about something so ordinary?

Well, to me there’s nothing ordinary about cloth napkins. To me, they are gorgeous works of art that lighten up and decorate the kitchen table. To me, they are an outstanding way to save money and our gorgeous forests. To me, they are a way I nurture myself, my family, and give meals a special ritual and celebratory feel.

I grew up using cloth napkins as there was no such thing as a paper napkin at the time, at least not to my knowledge, and my mother NEVER would have used paper napkins at our kitchen table.
I grew up in a house of hanging laundry, homemade bread, and lots and lots of canning from the gigantic garden we grew out back. My mother sewed our clothes, my father built our dollhouses and furniture, and my mother prided herself on re-using everything that came into our home.
She made our meals special. We set the table with silver for each meal, matching place settings, placemats or table cloth, and of course beautiful napkins.
I still use cloth napkins at my kitchen table. I use those same dishes and placemats, as they were handed down to me at my wedding. I learned to make meals feel special; to make the meal a time for the family to gather together. To talk and listen to each other. To share about the day and enjoy the homemade food at the table.  We sit and slow down. We put our phones away and shut the computers off. We join together to share what was good about the day and possibly what wasn’t so good. We laugh, we give each other high-fives, and we offer support.
The dishes, placemats, and napkins are symbols that tell my family it’s time to settle down and come together.  By using these items, I’m able to give our meals some history and ritual.
Using cloth napkins makes our meals just that much more special and in the process I’m able to do my little part in saving a few trees. Using cloth doesn’t take much effort. Simply wash, hang dry in the sun, and re-use.  It’s that easy. If everyone used cloth at their meals, just think of all the trees and money that could be saved.
Why not add a special ritual to your family meals and put a few cents back in your wallet at the same time? Do something good for you and for our Mother Earth. I purchased some of these gorgeous napkins on Go take a peak.

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