A Coming Hurricane

by Laura Parker Roerden I read today that a flock of seagulls was once trapped in the eye of a hurricane. The birds had sought refuge in the false calm of fair skies, but didn’t realize they now flew through a tunnel of destruction, all ways out blocked by certain devastation. Birds that sense plummetingContinue reading “A Coming Hurricane”

A Small Poem

by Laura Parker Roerden Small things sometimes call us home, like the two birds I saw circling the hay field this morning on my way back from farm chores. Their shrill vibrating whistle, a half warning, half invitation stunned me awake from a deep dream—even though I should have been sufficiently awake from an hourContinue reading “A Small Poem”

The Garden Spider

by Laura Parker Roerden Every single evening in her short life the garden spider spins a web of concentric circles. Each anchored to five or so holdfasts, simple spokes on a wheel, against which everything hinges. Around and around she goes, adding to her work, bridging the distance from one holdfast to another, length byContinue reading “The Garden Spider”

Everything is Broken

by Laura Parker Roerden I. My mother used to talk about the garden she and I would plant together in her retirement, with imperfect peonies, roses, lily of the valley, and tall stands of irises swaying in the breeze facing the western sky of the upper pasture, where the sunset we watched nightly could mirrorContinue reading “Everything is Broken”

Into the Clearing

by Laura Parker Roerden All day long I had lain in the grass and waited for the sun to reach the clearing, though it never did come. The dew from the morning had left my hair damp to the touch; my heart aching for something I had never expected to miss. I knew these woodsContinue reading “Into the Clearing”

Cooking With(out) Gas

Best Investments in Sustainability           by Laura Parker Roerden What if I told you that there was a cheaper, faster, healthier, safer, less energy intensive, cleaner, and lower carbon footprint way to cook than using an electric or gas stovetop and range? You’d wonder why you never heard of it before,Continue reading “Cooking With(out) Gas”

Stitch by Loving Stitch

by Laura Parker Roerden My grandmother darned socks. A good farm wife, she knew any tear could be mended, the original wound transformed into a caesura, a brief pause held by the conductor to grab our attention, to show us meaning that hovers uncomfortably in a void. Or into a sharp, an intentional accident inContinue reading “Stitch by Loving Stitch”

A New Morning

Love this world like a tent staked into hallowed ground, one tempered blow of a hammer at a time. The tent might rise or fall with the wind, become soaked in the rain, or provide less warmth than needed at times. But still there will be moments when you awake to dew, refracting morning light inContinue reading “A New Morning”


by Laura Parker Roerden Something tells me you could chart the path of a heart the way a peacock raises flowers like too many moons. I saw our peacock in full bloom today and noticed the eyes in his feathers expanding like the universe; a quick shudder of his plume suggesting no boundaries to hisContinue reading “Cosmology”

A Way with Water

by Laura Parker Roerden I have always thought rocks uncommonly beautiful, none the less when I notice one along the river move: a long neck gracefully emerging from the mottled grey mound now pointing towards the river. It’s only in the refection in the water that I realize that what I have before me isContinue reading “A Way with Water”

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