Want to Help Address the Many Environmental Problems Facing Us?

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Are you worried about the environmental challenges facing us: from global warming to plastic pollution to habitat loss to overfishing? We are too. The next generation is inheriting an ocean that is very different from the one we did.

Time and again, Ocean Matters youth show us that there is hope—for our young people and our world’s oceans. Teens see these problems and are willing rise as stewards and leaders for healthy seas. But they need support from caring adults who say their work is important. This is where you come in.

Ocean Matters is launching an exciting new project this summer to support youth in becoming stewards for the sea as Team Ocean Teen Leaders. This spring and summer, we are training youth in Hawaii, Honduras, and Florida to rise up as ocean stewards. Ocean Matters teens have restored mangroves, done research on invasive species, looked at patterns of coral breakage to enact effective boating legislation, done coral restoration, cleaned up single use plastic and more.

Now we are looking for adults who will step up and support young people in these efforts by helping to raise funds in your networks.Would you join youth by being on our Team Ocean Fundraising Team?

How Can You Help?

Pick a level of support that you think you can raise among your ocean-loving friends and social networks and then choose a fundraising outreach that you think they will respond to.

Levels of Support

Admiral $2,000
Captain $1,000
First Mate $500
Second Mate $200
Deckhand $100

You can use this video that describes our project and why it’s important to the health of the ocean and to the youth who will inherit it. Simply use the share button in the upper right hand corner when you share it.



Simply ask your networks to contribute whatever they can to this effort. No donation is too small.

What Are Some Fundraising Ideas?

June 8 is World Oceans Day, so you can tie some of your fundraising over the next month to that!

  • send out an email within your network with the video and a heartfelt message from you about why this important (this is the most effective way we’re told by the professionals). Be sure to include the donation button below or the link for online donating.
  • hold a “tea for the sea” or other small event in your home and invite friends to contribute what they can
  • share a FB donation request from the Ocean Matters Facebook page
  • engage children in returnable cans and bottles recycling
  • hold a yard sale
  • your ideas!

Where Do You Donate?

Donations can be made securely online at our website and through First Giving. Include this donation button and link in your emails to your friend and networks by simply copying and pasting the below:

Ocean Matters is 501(3)c nonprofit corporation and donations are tax-deductible as outlined by law.

Donate Now

How Will the Money Be Used?

Ocean Matters is 100% volunteer run, so every dollar you give will go directly to supporting youth’s efforts as stewards for healthy seas and in recruiting other youth to join this effort. Our scholarship program funds teens who show both leadership potential and financial need. We also help support youth in creating media such as advocacy films that can be used in their efforts to recruit other teens to their teams. Youth start environmental clubs or green their schools, work on single plastic pollution issues or sponsor cleanups, teach about sustainable seafood—the possibilities are endless.

Celebrate World Ocean’s Day, June 8th by Joining Team Ocean

Simply let us know what level of support you think you can raise among your networks and we’ll put you on Team Ocean.

Join this wave of hope for the sea. You’ll receive our undying admiration and a really cute t-shirt and the knowledge that you have done something to address the many threats to our ocean.

Let us know you want to help be on our Team Ocean Fundraising team by emailing us at lproerden@oceanmatters.org

Learn more about Ocean Matters at our website!

Thank you from the bottom of our ocean-loving hearts,
the whole gang at Ocean Matters!!



Published by Laura Parker Roerden

Laura Parker Roerden shares a love of what nature can teach us. Writer, public speaker and supportor of youth to boldly know and save the wilds. She is the founding director of Ocean Matters and a fourth generation farmer and thinks today’s young people are reason to be hopeful about the many environmental problems facing us. She lives on a family farm in Massachusetts with her husband, three boys, and an assortment of fruit trees and farm animals.

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