An Un-Poem About the Falling Snow

by Laura Parker Roerden 1. I woke up this morning with the phrase, “something uplifting” in my mind, then saw that among the snowfall out my window many snowflakes were rising up on unseen currents. 2. I’m sure a mathematician could help us understand the exact preponderance that falls at a predictable speed to their […]

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The Leatherback Turtle

by Laura Parker Roerden   She asked not why leaving the water should call her, even as she dragged herself onto the beach, a soldier, crawling as her body thickened, while she sunk more deeply into the sand than peace, softness rising to accommodate. A sigh above her carried a mist along the beach, as […]

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Humpbacks Feeding

by Laura Parker Roerden We first see the humpbacks at the surface, their mouths ballooning open, unfolding in pleats like a girl’s skirt caught in the wind. Seawater and herring is caught now as soup meeting hunger. There are nine whales, I’m told. Their mouths seem to open up as if the hinge that holds […]

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