10 Things About Cows That Will Amaze You

by Laura Parker Roerden 1. Researchers have discovered that cows tend to face either magnetic north or south when grazing or resting, regardless of the sun’s position or the wind’s direction. Why cows do this remains a mystery. 2. Cows have regional accents. After a group of dairy farmers noticed their cows had different moos, […]

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So, You Think You Might Want to Keep Chickens?

by Laura Parker Roerden Even though our fifth generation farm was once a poultry farm, I did not come to chicken keeping easily. A famous story in our family is of the littlest grandchild (ME) collecting eggs in our double-decker chicken barn. My father always laughed whenever he told the story of me chucking eggs […]

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Hidden Treasures

by Laura Parker Roerden I leave magazines in our bathroom. It’s a slightly subversive act because I tend to stock the ones that my three sons wouldn’t pick up and read on their own: National Geographic, Modern Farmer, Orion, Harvard Magazine. I myself have learned some of the most amazing things about the world in these […]

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