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Laura Parker Roerden is the founder and director of Ocean Matters, a nonprofit that brings young people ages 15+ to perform service projects on scuba to help save threatened marine resources. She is also a fourth generation farmer. Laura has consulted to many different educational outreach projects that speak to the social and emotional intelligence of young people including the school bullying prevention project Operation Respect founded by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary; Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pop campaigns; and projects by the National Basketball Associations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Pokemon USA to name a few. She is the former managing editor of New Designs for Youth Development magazine and former publisher/managing editor at Educators for Social Responsibility. She is the author of numerous articles and books about the social, emotional, and ethical development of young people and has keynoted at several events including Blue Mind 3 and the Tea for the Sea at Mote Aquarium. Laura serves on the boards of Women Working for Oceans, an affiliate of the New England Aquarium, and Earth Ltd. of Southwicks Zoo. She is also a member of the Pleiades Network: A Constellation of Women Working in Sustainability and lives on Jo-Erl Farm, a fifth generation family farm in Massachusetts, with her husband, three boys, and an assortment of fruit trees and farm animals. groupshot  

What would it take for us to really care about the earth? What does it look like? And what do we gain? What have we lost in our disconnection? In my work with young people through Ocean Matters and on our farm, I find these questions endless fascinating and complex. Join me in exploring what it means to truly belong to our earth.

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Salt from the Earth
The Bluebirds are Back

And Other Good News by Laura Parker Roerden I was drinking coffee while doing chores in the dairy barn this morning when the vet, Rosario, showed up. “Thank you for coming!” I said, stepping out into the frigid air to greet her, clutching my mug to warm my hands. Rosario looked up to introduce herself, offered an outstretched hand, and hit […]

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Warm Eggs in My Pockets

by Laura Parker Roerden For the last several days, I have been collecting eggs for our incubator. It’s a spring task that a hardened criminal could get behind. Since only still warm eggs can be successfully hatched, my morning chore requires sorting eggs by their temperature.  It’s blustery and snowing here at the farm, so […]

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Find Something Beautiful

by Laura Parker Roerden Find something beautiful and let it inform your soul. Let it wash over you like a baptism. Let it ask more of you than you currently give. What is it that moves you to rise? Make an altar of it; catch it in the clasped palms of your heart like a […]

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The Hinge

by Laura Parker Roerden   I love this world. And not just in morning, when the long, dark drug of night opens like a clam to the light. I love the hinge itself that swings back and forth as the tide washes over; an attempt at renewal. I love not just the mighty whale but […]

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Five Mysterious Things

by Laura Parker Roerden 1. All week a peregrine falcon has been stalking our chickens from the remains of a dead tree on the edge of the barnyard. This morning, we found the falcon inside with the chickens in the coop. This top predator, built like a torpedo and armed with talons, had spent the entire night […]

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